10 Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

When work and responsibilities pile up, most people tend to get very overwhelmed. Below are 10 tips on how to de-stress and reduce internal panic so you can live life at peace and work more efficiently!

1. Meditate for a few minutes:

While Meditation may seem like a luxury you can’t afford in your moments of stress, taking just 15 minutes out of your schedule to meditate will benefit your mindset and quality of work that follows. It reduces stress and, ironically, helps you work quicker! Platforms such as YouTube have amazing channels where you can find meditation videos to guide you.

2. Listen to your favorite tunes:

The right music can help anyone get into a peaceful and focused state of mind. Listen to your favorite tunes to help you chill out before you tackle your responsibilities.

3. Manage your time:

Making a schedule to manage your time is an efficient way to space out your work and provide you with some structure in your moments of stress and anxiety! Time management is a crucial skill that can kill your stress time in half!

4. Take frequent but short breaks:

If you find yourself stressed out to the point of panic, taking a short 10-15 minute break can be extremely healing to your mind-space. Breaks help your mind absorb information, reset your focus, and give you a small sense of fulfillment in your day. Listening to music or meditating is a perfect way to utilize your break!

5. Snack on something healthy:

Healthy foods like fruits and vegetables boost your brain and give your more energy, which may help relieve stress. If you tend to stress eat, reaching for something healthy is a great idea to indulge in that compulsion in a beneficial manner.

6. Take a short 20 minute nap:

Sleep is a great way to refresh your brain and prepare it for your upcoming workload. Taking 20 minute nap is the best way to de-stress without wasting too much time. Additionally, a nap time of 20 minutes will refresh your mind without the dreaded post-nap grogginess that comes with a deeper sleep time.

7. Call someone:

A great way to feel better about yourself and refocus when feeling overwhelmed is to phone a friend or loved one. A phone call with a loved one can comfort you and reroute your mindset to one of determination to finish your work. It is smart to call someone whose voice and advice is soothing to you.

8. Go outside and get fresh air:

Oftentimes when stressed, it may feel like your work is suffocating you. Go outside for some fresh air and take a quick breather. Walk around your block or sit outside and finish a cup of tea before you return to your responsibilities in order to relieve that pressure.

9. Practice self-care before working:

Committing to a self care regime before starting work can be super helpful in diminishing anxiety. Whip out your skin creams, massage rollers, and get comfortable before working; your will feel more human and pampered as a result.

10. Take a shower:

If possible, take a 15 minute shower to clear your head. Use this shower time to both relax and prioritize what you have to do when you get out of the shower. This will put your responsibilities in order and give you time to ‘get in the zone’ with your work!