6 Reasons to Exercise

While exercise may seem like the hardest thing to fit into your schedule sometimes, it may just be worth the sacrifice. Exercise comes with many benefits for your health and wellness, and is crucial for a healthy and long life. Listed are 6 basic reasons why you should get up off the couch and start exercising!

Reason 1: Exercise fights the effects of aging

Exercise reduces a risk of Alzheimer’s disease, and may help your brain function improve even well into your adulthood.

Reason 2: It helps relieve stress

All types of exercise can relieve stress, but boxing and swimming are especially good for boosting anger management, as they provide an outlet for your body to release pent up stress!

Reason 3: Working out will make you physically fit

Whether you want to lose weight or tone your muscles to have a fit and healthy physique, the best way to achieve those goals is through consistent exercise. Abdomen workouts, cardio, and weight lifting are good places to start!

Reason 4: It reduces your risk for Heart Disease

Bodies that get regular exercise have a reduced risk to contract heart disease, the leading cause of death in the United States of America. There is an easy solution to prevent that common risk- hit the gym!

Reason 5: Exercise can improve mental and emotional health

Our mental and emotional health works together with our physical health. People who exercise improve their mental state by clearing their head and gaining focus as they workout.

Reason 6: Exercise teaches you discipline and focus

When you commit to adding exercise into your weekly regimen, you introduce a commitment to your mind that can build your disciplinary skills and focus. If you’re looking to be less of a procrastinator or slacker, introduce gym time into your week, with no excuses not to attend!