10 Different Ways to Use Nail Polish

Are you like me? Do you also own a stash of nail polish bottles? I have a selection of colors that would make a salon jealous, but honestly, I stick to the same few shades on a regular basis. Of course, I can’t get rid of the ones I no longer use. Of course not, because you never know when I’ll want to use them again! But as long as I have all that nail polish sitting there, I might as well use it for something, and you know what? Turns out you can use nail polish for more than just a mani! Read on and be amazed!

1. Thread a needle:

Dab a little nail polish on the end of the thread, let it dry, and threading that needle is a piece of cake!

2. Color code your keys:

Now you can tell by just looking which key goes where. Paint the top of each key a different color and you’ll know at a glance.

3. Keep jewelry shiny:

Keep cheap costume jewelry from fading by applying a coat of clear nail polish.

4. Seal an envelope:

No more licking!

5. Stop a run in your tights:

You can save a pair of tights with a run in a place you can’t see by sealing it off with some nail polish.

6. Relieve a mosquito bite: 

Cover the bite with a layer of top coat. Sounds crazy, but I’ll definitely be trying this!

7. Decorate a phone case:

Get a plain case and get creative.

8. Decorate bobby pins:

Create your own fancy hair accessories by painting some bobby pins with sparkly polish.

9. Decorate headphones:

Custom design your plain headphones with colorful polish. This is a great idea for a family- you’ll always know whose is whose.

10. Secure a button:

To keep buttons from getting loose and falling off, coat the thread holding it in place with some clear nail polish.