11 Tips For Meeting Your Fitness Goals

You know those people who looooove to exercise and have no trouble sticking to their fitness routines? You don’t have to hate them anymore! We all (us “normal” people) know we should exercise regularly, but it’s sometimes so hard to make it happen! Well, not anymore; even if you don’t naturally love to work out, there are some tricks you can use to help you hit the gym- or whatever you choose for fitness- more regularly. The key to motivation is to set yourself up for success, and it’s surprisingly easy to do! Here are are some tips that will get you going:

1. Choose an activity you enjoy.

The surest way to slack off on your fitness plan is to choose an exercise you hate. It’s not rocket science; if you hate it you’ll never do it. Choose an activity you actually enjoy and you might even look forward to your exercise sessions.

2. Set a goal.

Having a specific goal will help keep you focused. For example, you can aim for losing a certain number of pounds, working a specific number of reps, or running a certain amount of miles. When you reach your goal you can set new ones to help keep your focus and motivation.

3. Be realistic.

You might have big goals you want to meet, but it’s smarter to set small goals to start or you might feel overwhelmed and give up. If you’d like to run 5 miles but you’re a beginner, start with one mile and work your way up.

4. Choose a time that works.

Lots of people like to work out first thing in the morning, but if you’re not a morning person that might not be right for you. Work with your natural time clock and your actual schedule to figure out the best time for you.

5. Get some new clothes.

We all need incentives, and some new workout clothes might be just the thing to get you excited about a new fitness routine.

6. Make exercise an official part of your schedule.

Put it in your calendar as a real part of your schedule. This makes it an official appointment and you’ll be less likely to forget or to schedule other things for that time.

7. Be consistent.

With consistency you’ll form a new habit. It will become natural for you to exercise after a couple of weeks.

8. Know your weaknesses.

Be aware of your weaknesses and don’t allow them to trap you.

9. Exercise with a friend (or friends).

This tip has two advantages. First of all, you’ll be more likely to stick to the plan if you know that someone else is counting on you. Second, doing something with a friend just makes it more fun. You’ll enjoy it more and you’ll be less likely to skip it.

10. Get a coach or trainer.

Paying a fitness professional might seem like a luxury, but it might be worth the investment, even if just for starting out. If you’re paying for an exercise session you’ll make sure you get there and you’ll be more motivated to give it your all. Book some sessions with a friend to split the cost.

11. Reward yourself.

Give yourself some incentive and promise yourself a reward. Treat yourself to a movie, a lipstick, or some other small indulgence for sticking to your plan.