12 Reasons To Have A Hobby

Do you sometimes feel like you don’t have enough free time? If you did have more free time, what would you do with it? How about a hobby? If you already have a hobby, or hobbies, you know just how important and fulfilling they are. If you don’t, you’ll want to find something after reading how good it is to have a bobby!

1. It’s grounding:

By now we’re all familiar with the buzzword, “mindfulness,” and engaging in a hobby is a great way to practice that, which is also a great stress reliever. When you’re busy with your hobby you should focus on only that, don’t let the worries of life invade that time.

2. It’s a break from the usual:

Everyone needs a break.

3. It stimulates your brain:

Keeping your brain stimulated is important for fighting off mental decline as we age. Challenging your brain in different ways is the way to keep it strong and fit.

4. It’s a good way to make social connections:

Want to meet new people? Join a knitting circle, a book club, a cooking class, or anything, really. You’ll meet new people with similar interests, and once you get into a routine, it’s nice to know you’ll see those friends on a regular basis.

5. You can make money:

Taking your hobby to the next level is a great way to get some extra cash in your pocket. Photography, baking, and crafts come to mind as potential hobbies turned moneymakers, but the possibilities really are endless.

6. It creates positive stress:

Otherwise known as excitement, which is good for you.

7. It has physical health benefits:

Of course this applies if your hobby is something active, like yoga or dance, but it’s true no matter what you do. Having a hobby you enjoy helps lower blood pressure, cortisol, and helps relieve depression.

8. You won’t be bored:

You’ll always have something to keep you busy.

9. It’s productive:

Spend your downtime being productive and constructive- it feels good!

10. It makes you more interesting:

You’ll keep on learning and growing, plus, you’ll always have something to talk about at parties.

11. It can make you better at your job:

Studies show that this is true. It may be because having a hobby helps improve focus, encourages creativity, makes you calmer, and makes you feel confident and better about yourself.

12. It boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence:

This happens by giving you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction in a job well done.