15 Healthy Food Swaps

So many of us are caught up in the wellness trend and that’s great, since being healthy is so important. It just gets a little tricky when trying to eat clean and healthy means you have to give up the foods you love. Well, what if you could make small changes and swap out certain foods with lighter, healthier alternatives that also taste delicious? Problem solved! Here are a few yummy food swaps to help make it easier for you:

1. Quinoa for couscous:

Quinoa and couscous have similar textures, but quinoa will give you an extra boost of protein and other nutrients.

2. Rolled oats for bread crumbs:

Most bread crumbs have empty carbs and lots of sodium. You can replace them in many recipes with oats and get the benefits of whole grain.

3. Spaghetti squash for pasta:

I would never tell anyone to give up pasta, but once in a while you can swap it out for spaghetti squash and lose the carbs. You can use any sauce or topping you’d use on regular pasta and it’s actually filling and delicious.

4. Popcorn for potato chips:

Same satisfying crunch but less fat and more fiber.

5. Greek yogurt for sour cream:

Both are tangy and creamy, but Greek yogurt has probiotics, less fat, and more protein.

6. Lettuce leaves for tortilla wraps:

Crunchy and carb free.

7. Nuts for croutons:

Sprinkle some roasted nuts over your salad for a boost of flavor and crunch that have healthy fats.

8. Flavored water or seltzer for soda:

Studies show that even diet soda can be an obstacle to weight loss.

9. Sweet potatoes for potatoes:

Regular potatoes are full of vitamin C and other good stuff, but try switching it up sometimes with sweet potatoes for an extra dose of potassium and antioxidants.

10. Ground turkey for ground beef:

There’s less saturated fat.

11. Olive oil for butter:

Olive oil has the good fat that’s good for you brain and heart.

12. Smoked paprika for bacon bits:

Smoked paprika has a rich smokey taste and it’s fat free.

13. Natural peanut butter for regular peanut butter:

Natural peanut butter is made from just peanuts- no added sugar, salt, or fat.

14. Herbs and citrus for salt:

Add another layer of flavor with a sprinkle of herbs or lemon juice and you won’t miss the salt.

15. Dried fruit for candy:

Dried fruit is sweet and chewy, the natural way.

There’s nothing scary in this list, is there? These are all delicious options for making yummy food while cutting calories and eating healthy. Try them and change the way you eat.