15 Reasons DIY Is Good For You

Are you a DIYer? It seems like DIY is the hottest trend out there, with people trying new projects in all kinds of areas; cooking, art, crafts, home improvement, and so much more. There are many reasons the DIY movement is so popular right now, and, as it turns out, there are also lots of benefits. Here are some of the reasons that DIY is good for you:

  1. It gives you appreciation for things. When you understand the effort that goes into things you have a better understanding of their value.
  2. You exercise your creativity. This is always a good thing.
  3. It’s engaging. It’s a productive way to keep busy.
  4. You can save money. It’s often cheaper to do something yourself than it is to buy it or hire someone else to do it.
  5. You can make money. If you love creating, try selling your wares, or make money teaching a class.
  6. You learn new skills. That’s a reason to be proud of yourself.
  7. You’ll discover new interests and talents. It’s always great to learn new things about yourself.
  8. You can make new friends. You can join groups or discussions, or connect in other ways with others who have similar interests.
  9.  You’ll have a sense of accomplishment. And that kind of satisfaction goes a long way.
  10. It can be relaxing. It’s a break from the things you have to do.
  11. It keeps your mind busy. Which is a really good way to prevent and relieve stress. Being busy in an activity is a form of mindfulness.
  12. You can create something unique. This is especially nice if you gift something you made yourself because it’s so much more personal.
  13. You can help the environment. Lots of DIY projects involve repurposing other object.
  14. It keeps your mind sharp. Learning new things and applying them are effective brain exercises.
  15. It builds confidence. You’ll get better and better at doing your own thing, and you’ll get compliments. These are great for self-esteem and confidence.

Anyone convinced to start some new DIY projects?