5 Tips for Conserving Energy

Energy conservation is an important way you could contribute to a healthier planet Earth. There are so many small ways you could conserve energy without making any drastic changes in your place of residence. Here are 5 tips for conserving energy:

  1. Turn off the fan/air conditioning units: Turning off the fans and air conditioning system in your house whenever you aren’t using them is a great way to conserve energy.  Being mindful to turn them off is a simple and easy solution that also saves money on monthly bills!
  2. Change all your light bulbs to LEDs: LEDs (light emitting diodes) are energy efficient and conserve much more electricity than traditional light bulbs. If you replace all of your traditional light bulbs with their LED alternatives, you conserve a lot of electrical energy!
  3. Limit your use of hot water: The heaters that heat your water in your home use up a lot of energy. Limiting your hot water usage to only when absolutely necessary is a great way to conserve energy.
  4. Seal any air leaks in your home: Have air from outside leaking into your home and creating drafts? When you have those leaks, you will be inclined to turning up the heating and cooling systems in your home. Weatherizing your home (sealing those air leaks) is an easy way to reduce heating/cooling time, thereby conserving energy.
  5. Add insulating curtains to your windows: Adding insulating curtains to all your windows will prevent heat loss from inside your house to the outdoors. This decrease in heat loss will result in less time where the heating system in your house is on, which conserves energy.