5 Ways to Reduce Hair Loss

Hair loss is a natural and common process that can be caused by a number of reasons for men and women alike of all ages. Although no treatment can guarantee and completely stop hair loss (especially if it’s due to genetics), there are some remedies that may help to slow down this process.


We listed 5 tips below to help reduce hair loss:


  1. Massage your scalp: according to research, regular scalp massages can be effective at slowing down hair loss and promoting the thickening and regrowth of hair. Scalp massages dilate blood vessels, stimulating blood flow to the scalp and to your hair follicles. Using your fingertips, massage sections of your scalp in gentle circular motions for a few minutes each day. Scalp massages can also feel great and provide tension and stress relief!
  2. Use medicated foams and solutions: minoxidil (the main active ingredient found in Rogaine) is a common topical medication prescribed to treat hair loss. It’s a vasodilator that works by widening your scalp’s blood vessels to encourage hair growth. It also modifies your hair growth cycle to reduce the length of your telogen (resting) phase, so that your hair remains in the anagen (growth) phase for longer periods of time.
  3. Use a laser hair growth device: hair regrowth devices, such as laser caps, are a more pricier option that is safe for use at home and use low-level laser therapy to penetrate your scalp and target your hair follicles. Studies have found that laser radiation stimulates blood flow and nutrient transport to your hair follicles to facilitate growth.
  4. Swap out your hair care products: using DHT blocking shampoos and products is another popular option many people turn to for hair loss related issues. DHT (dihydrotestosterone) is an androgenic hormone normally produced in the body that can shrink hair follicles and cause thinning hair; It’s the major contributing factor in male pattern baldness and alopecia. Swapping your hair care products with DHT blocking products can be effective at reducing the amount of DHT that surrounds hair follicles and thus reduce hair loss.
  5. Take vitamins and supplements: taking supplements such as vitamin A and C, biotin, folic acid, Omega-3, and saw palmetto are all great for preventing premature hair loss, strengthening hair, and encouraging growth. But before adding any supplement to your routine, we recommend consulting with a medical professional to help you safely determine which option would be most appropriate.