8 Ways to Stay Safe This Summer

We all look forward to summer, and with good reason! There’s a lot to be said for summer fun, but remember that hot weather, water, and other summer activities all come with their own risks. That doesn’t mean you and your family shouldn’t have fun and enjoy all that summer has to offer, it just means you need to be aware of the dangers and take precautions. Here are some important summer safety tips to keep in mind:

1.Water safety:

Learn CPR, make sure pools are locked, heed beach warnings, and never swim without a lifeguard or other proper supervision.
Family outings. Before you set off, designate a family meeting spot in case anyone gets separated.
2. Car safety:

Make sure your car is properly serviced and always travel with a first-aid kit.
Boating. Always wear a life jacket and make sure it fits well.
Never leave kids or pets in the car. Unfortunately this happens all too often with heartbreaking outcomes. Never leave your kids intentionally, even with the windows open, and always check the backseat when you leave your car.
Sun safety. Use sunblock whenever you’ll be outdoors. You should have an SPF of 30+.
3. Insect repellent:

As if itchy insect bites weren’t bad enough, certain insect bites can really make you sick. If you’re going hiking wear long pants and sleeves to protect yourself from tick bites.
4. Drink lots of water:

Don’t let yourself become dehydrated. Drink constantly throughout the day.
5. Fireworks:

Fireworks should only be handled by professionals.
6. Playground:

Make sure your child plays where there are padded safety mats, and check to make sure play equipment is safe and properly maintained. And you don’t want your child’s legs, so check to see if slides and swings are hot.
7. Helmets:

Always when bike riding, roller-blading or skate boarding.
8. Food safety:

Hot weather and outdoor eating can cause serious food poisoning. Never keep food out too long.
Definitely go out and have a great time this summer. Know how to stay safe and you won’t have to worry!