Best Houseplants For Beginners

  House plans are not only a beautiful way to spruce up a space, house plants can also be beneficial in cleaning the air in your home. I have recently moved and have started my house plant collection. I have a mini rain forest Cafe in my bedroom now.


I’ve always been fascinated with succulent plants.They’re tiny cacti and aloe looking plants that barely need water but love the sun. If you’re like me and forget to water your plants these guys are great for you. 


I found some house plants to start your collection. They are easy to grow and can deal with the whole sometimes “watering” bad lighting and fluctuating temperatures. Here are five plants that may be great for you.


  1. Spider Plant

A Spider Plant grows easily in baskets which helps with arching leaves. over time a mature plant will send out plant-lets on long stems that form an impressive hanging display. Spider plants are not picky about water light or temperature.


2 .The Peace Lily

The Peace Lily is among the easiest plants to grow indoors. It can tolerate a wide range of lighting conditions and needs only moderate watering.


  1. The Ivy Plant 

the IV plant is one of my favorite kinds of indoor plants because of their drippy leaves and endurance. They should be positioned near the window for sunlight exposure. The Ivy Plant is not demanding to grow, So suitable for absolute beginners.


  1. The Snake Plant

The Snake Plant is one of the best plants for beginners. Easy to grow and hard to perish. It can be grown in low light and needs to be watered occasionally. It’s also great for purifying the air by converting CO2 to O2 at night.


  1. Succulents

like I stated earlier Succulents are my favorite. Not only are they cute, They are  easy to keep alive. they are a wide variety of succulents.  Succulents don’t require lots of water at all but they do love bright light. If your succulents begin to grow vertically then they need more light.


With these options I hope you find the perfect plant for your space. There are so many more options of plant varieties out there to choose from but these are just an example of the easiest to care for. Now you can morph your space into the ultimate comfort zone for you and your loved ones.