11 Free Ways To Relax

Life is hectic, but it’s so important to find the time to relax. Yeah, a spa vacation would be ideal, with scented relaxation pools and endless massages, but it’s not always doable, and it’s pretty expensive. But just because you’re not about to shell out the money for something like that doesn’t mean you don’t get to relax. Here are some really great ways to take a break and unwind that are free! Now it’s up to you to make it happen!


Meditation helps rest your mind and your body. Find something you like on YouTube and take a break.

2. Take a bath:

Create a spa experience in your own bathroom with bath salts and scented candles. Play soft music and ignore all knocking on the door!

3. Read:

Find a quiet corner and sit down with a book. Getting into a novel is the perfect temporary escape.

4. Color:

Yes- you read that right. Coloring books for adults is a big thing now, said to be very soothing and therapeutic.

5. Eat some dark chocolate:

Let’s be clear: this is not stress eating! It’s for health reasons- eating dark chocolate helps regulate stress hormones.

6. Deep breathing:

Sounds pretty basic, but taking a few minutes for some slow, deep breathing has an extremely relaxing effect.

7. Watch a movie:

Indulge yourself, and make sure not to do anything else while you watch- no folding laundry, picking up toys, or making shopping lists. Click here to find out how to see movies online for free.

8. Acupressure:

Rub the space between your thumb and index finger to relieve tension from your neck and shoulders. Make it extra relaxing by using lavender oil.

9. Get some sun:

Sitting outside in the sun is relaxing, with a book or magazine, or just sitting and not doing anything else. While walking is being active, it’s also a great way to calm your mind, and the endorphins your body releases will help you feel more relaxed in the long run. But you do what’s best for you- either one works.

10. Listen to music:

Whatever makes you happy.

11. Cook a meal:

Not because you have to, but because you want to. Engaging in a project can be very relaxing, and you’ll feel accomplished with the results.