How to Keep Your Kids Entertained at Home

When the kids are home it’s easy to let them fall down a YouTube rabbit hole. After all, there can be a lot of hours to fill when there’s nothing todo. Check out these fun activities to do with your kids at home! 

1. Get messy:

Just because you’re indoors, doesn’t mean your kids cant get their hands dirty. Kids love playing with things such as paints, slime, sand, and foam. The good news? Many such items are now designed to reduce messiness, stickiness and clean up hassles.

2. Play games: 

Break out some classic board games like checkers and dominoes or grab a deck of cards for a round of crazy eights. Such games teach the importance of taking turns and good sportsmanship and can even help kids learn to strategize and plan ahead.

3. Build a fort or obstacle course:

Kids love making forts and obstacle courses. This is a great idea for those days when you’re all stuck inside. Let them use pillows, blankets and anything else that is hanging around to create their own world. The kids will feel accomplished and it’s great exercise. 

4. Create a science experiment: 

Have some fun with science! From creating erupting volcanos to coding a robot to guard the bedroom. Science experiments can be both fun and educational! 

5. Have a dance party:

Create a playlist with your kids ahead of time and then put it on when they choose this option. By the time they’re done dancing and singing along to their favorite songs, they’ll be too tired to be bored.

6. Do a yoga or fitness class:

There are tons of yoga and fitness classes on YouTube that are geared toward kids of all ages. It’s a fun physical activity for the whole family!

7. Have fun baking:

Kids love baking and this is another activity that helps them feel useful and accomplished. They’ll need you or an older sibling to help with this one, but the payoff is that you get to eat the goodies once they’re cooked! 

8. Make cleanup fun: 

It may not sound like “play” at first glance, but cleanup can be fun with the right attitude. Crank up favorite tunes and have kids dance as they dust, straighten, put toys away, make the bed and help with chores. Or, make a game of it, racing each other to complete tasks.