Pets And #StayHome

Have you noticed your pet acting strange since you’ve been home taking zoom meetings all Day? I’ve been on lockdown with my pup-aroni for the past 3 months, at first it was my puppy’s dream, human and doggo all day. Endless belly rubs, unlimited treats, walks from the sun up to sundown. Then reality sets in for me 6am- wake up, walk for 30 – 40 mins comes back in, pupper acts as though we never went out. Human not looking at pupper while he ignores me for a chew toy, Pupper gets fav treat, wines walks away, nap time, Ha! Forget about it, pupper runs and disappears under my roommates bed.


Lots of pet owners are reporting across the internet, both cats and dogs have begun displaying weirdo behaviors, clinginess, and increased barking while others report their pets have become standoffish, some even seem annoyed. So in perspective it’s like when we go home after moving to the big city to start ‘Adulting” and see mom and grandma for holiday we’re bombarded with affection it’s great at first! But soon it gets annoying. So if your cat or dog is used to having alone time while you’re at work, The  increase in petting, hugging, kissing as a result of social distancing  can be frustrating for your pet.


Dogs are  creatures of habit. While they may bask in your unlimited  availability, they may also suffer from separation anxiety once you return back to work.

To avoid separation anxiety when the time comes to return to normal daily life. It is vital  to establish a routine from beginning and ending your now at home work, taking breaks and having lunch at around the same time everyday, adding games, training sessions or simply enjoying companion time together during these breaks and in the evening. To keep your dog Kevin Hart level entertained, consider the following:

Treasure hunts throughout the house hiding your dogs favorite treats or toys you can also make DIY toys for more fun for yourself as well.

Make him a sniff mat. A sniff Mat is a toy that encourages your dog to sniff and search out hidden treats throughout the mat. To make an easy sniff mat at home follow these four simple steps to make a snuffle mat.

You will need:

  • A fleece throw, or some felt
  • Sharp scissors
  • A rubber shower mat or outdoor rubber mat with holes
  1. Cut the fleece into long strips, about 5 cm wide.
  2. Knot the strips through each hole of the garden mat, so that the knot is on the underside and the strands protrude on the top side. The longer the pile, the longer it will take for your dog to find the treats!
  3. When the strands are completed, bury your dogs favorite treats into the mat, and then watch your dog having fun getting them out.                                                  This. Is ideal for those times when you need quiet time whentaking part in conference calls or checking emails.

Make him a puppy teepee  by creating a comfortable place for her to curl up nearby and either keep an eye out on you or micro manage while you work,


  1.  Drill holes in the top of each dowel. We went just about 3 inches down and drilled. This is where the twine will wrap through. It’s way more sturdy this way than simply wrapping the twine around.
  2. Use the twine to intertwine into each of the dowels. Once they’re together and in the place where you want them, tie a knot at the end of the twine like shown in the photo above. It’s okay if there’s a little excess.
  3.  Tie the twine around the dowel 10-15 times (or your preference) to really hold the dowels in place. Make sure you secure tightly.  
  4.  Drape the drop cloth or fabric around the dowels, right under where the twine is. Figure out where you want the fabric to lay and make sure there’s not too much extra fabric at where the opening will be this is dependent on how big or small you choose to make the teepee. 
  5.  Once you’re happy with the fit of the fabric over the dowels, plug in your hot glue gun. Once it’s good to go, glue the top parts together where the fabric meets.  
  6. Put a blanket, pillow, or tiny pet bedding inside the teepee. He can play quietly on his own with some favorite toys or settle down for a puppy nap.

It is very important that we take care of not only ourselves and our well being, but our fur babies are just as vulnerable, please stay safe and things will get better in due time.