Top 5 Natural Makeup Brands

If you have sensitive skin chances are you have looked far and wide for makeup that not only will transform your look but also care for your skin. The mainstream market doesn’t promote clean makeup brands which sometimes are even made with food-grade ingredients. Here are the top five natural makeup brands we have curated to help you get inspired to use clean makeup even if you got lucky in the skin lottery.

1. RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty is only natural and organic, this makeup is made of raw food-grade ingredients. RMS Beauty brand is dedicated to transforming the way people use makeup.

2. CoCo Kind

Made of certified organic ingredients, this is a minimalist makeup brand and cruelty-free. The brand uses recyclable biodegradable packaging with highlighters made of mushroom powders and extracts. You can feel good about looking good.

3. 100% Pure

100% Pure is a brand on a mission to create the healthiest cosmetics. Made from the highest quality ingredients like raw shea and coconut butter. The brand uses powdered fruit to pigment its eyeshadows and lipsticks making 100% Pure genuine to its name. 100% Pure also has a skincare and haircare line that’s completely clean as well.

4. Inika

Inika is a certified organic brand that constantly proves that there’s no need to compromise quality when choosing natural makeup.

5. Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty is a natural and organic lipstick line made with 12 different oils as well as white pearl, silk, red wine, and organic Butters. The result is a creamy hydrating long-wearing lip color.

We hope these natural makeup brands have inspired you to transition to clean beauty. Which brand will you try first into your clean beauty journey?