Top 5 Ways To Refresh Your Mind

These have been very tough times for everyone in the last year and a half. Sometimes it’s nice to just disconnect from everyone and everything, just to get a genuine piece of mind. Mental wellness is very important to me. You must tend to your mind and body to avoid stress fulled physical illnesses. If not tended to you can soon feel fatigue, indecisive, nervous and confused. I suggest you better find a few minutes a day to rejuvenate your mind and body.

1. Eat Healthy Foods
Studies found a strong relationship between what we eat and how our brain perform. A healthy nutritious diet helps our mood and mental  function at an optimal level.

2. Listen To Music
Whatever music you prefer, listening to music can help when it comes to soothing your self. Music is known to calm down your mind plus it can divert your focus away from stress

3.Get Some Physical Exercise
Physical exercises are an effective remedy to help clear your mind. Physically fit people show reduced cardiovascular and neuro hormonal response to psycho social stress, as compared to those who are unfit.

4 Distract Yourself
Practicing your hobbies is a great way to take your minds focus away from stress and anxiety.

5. Practice Belly Breathing
People who practice deep breathing exercises have observed breathing exercises have observed a considerable amount of anxiety reduction. Slow deep breathing stimulates the wandering nerve, which then releases an anti stress chemical that slows our heart rate. Which in turn helps to calm the mind.