Top-five Korean skin care products

Hey Frugal Diva Here!

I love to take care of my skin I was very lucky enough to inherit my parents nice smooth skin. As I get older I have noticed changes in the texture of my skin, but for the most part my skin is clear and smooth. Aside from the occasional blemish I don’t have huge concerns on my face.

In the past I’ve spent so much on finding the right products I felt would be great for my skin care regime. Some commercial products to homemade skin care I think my quest has come to an end, Korean skin care! Not only is the packaging the cutest the products are super affordable and actually are effective. All products listed can be found on Amazon.

At night I like to cleanse so I start my skin care routine with the prreti  skin and peel bubble fest pad $5.99 they come in a pack of 10. They are circle pads that have a smooth side that bubbles up in water and is used to cleanse the face. The back has a gauze side to remove dead skin cells and sebum. After that I rinse with lukewarm water.

After cleansing I tone my face with Dickinsons enhanced witch hazel hydrating toner with rose water $5.73. The reason for toning the face is to recondition skin after cleansing and close pores.

It is good to use a serum to add extra moisture and balance to face this is where the brand Measurable difference lactic acid face serum for $9.99. It comes and lactic acid has exfoliation properties that work wonders for the face. Lactic acid helps to soften and smooth appearances of fine lines and or depressions on the surface of the skin, while lifting away any sun damage or hyper pigmentation of the skin.

Now this is my bedtime regimen so I end it with applying Prreti honey Barry sleeping mask for $8.99 the mass contains acacia honey. It forms a skin barrier to protect the skin from external irritations and brings a natural sheen to the face. The berry complex contained in the mask is rich in vitamin C and various oxidants Invigorates tired skin and helps you keep your skin moisturized all night long.

Lastly to keep my lips moisturized I use Prreti honey and Berry sleeping lip mask. They come in a pack of three for $12.99. It’s my favorite lip mask, it actually lasts overnight. It’s super gooey but surprisingly not sticky it stays on all night and it helps to re-hydrate my lips.

So now you have a nice arsenal of products to help keep your face in tiptop shape I hope this helps you with your nighttime regimen. What would be the first product you want to try? let me know!